Movember 11th – Learn How to Open a Beer Bottle Without an Opener

Alright guys.  It’s Sunday, so there’s probably more beer being drunken.  Today, we’re going to talk about a situation that affects men on a weekly basis.  You’re standing around at a party or BBQ and someone grabs a cold one out the fridge, can’t find a bottle opener, and asks if anyone’s got an opener.  There’s a bit of silence as each guy looks at the other and you awkwardly squirm, knowing a real man would have a way of getting that bottle open.  Then a real man steps up, grabs the beer, and uses a key, a lighter, or the edge of the table to swiftly decapitate that bottle.

It’s time to be that man.

So today, on this the 11th Day of Movember, we resolve to no longer stand on the sidelines as our thirsty MoBros suffer with an unopened beer, and to learn how to open a beer with no opener!

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31 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

How to Open a Beer with Another Beer: