Movember 12th – Learn How to Play Poker

Guys.  It’s Monday Man Day.  You might be spending your Man Day watching football with your buddies at the bar.  Or you might be hitting the gym.  Whatever it is, one important Man Day tradition is Poker Night.

It’s inevitable that you will be invited to a poker night.  It’s the ultimate Man Night, short of a full out Fight Club.  If you’ve been turning down poker nights because you don’t know how to play poker, that ends here.

There’s many types of poker, but if you want to play what you see on TV, it’s gonna be No Limits Texas Hold ‘Em.

So today, on the 12th of Movember, we resolve to grab that deck of cards we’ve been using for Go Fish, and turn it into a man’s deck by learning how to play poker, once and for all.

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How Stuff Works – How to Play Texas Holdem

How to Play Texas Holdem:


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