Movember 13th – Learn to Drive Stick

Alright, guys.  The new Bond film, Skyfall, is out and we all know 007 to be a man’s man.  What you might not know is, his current incarnation, Daniel Craig, not only doesn’t know how to play poker, but he doesn’t know how to drive a stick.  We sorted you out on poker yesterday, and now it’s time for another essential Bond skill.

If you’re going to drive a race car (or rent a vehicle anywhere but in America), you need to know a bit about the old clutch.  When some bad guy is running away with your girl and you’re forced to throw a man out his car, there is nothing more embarrassing than jumping in, only to find it’s not automatic, and having to procure another chase vehicle.

So today, on the 13th of Movember, in our month-long “drive” to be better men, we take a solemn oath to go rent a stick shift (or sucker one of our friends into letting us borrow theirs, knowing that we’ll be grinding that clutch like crazy), check out the video below, and learn how to drive like a man!  (warning:  this will take you back to high school as you head to a parking lot and drive in circles and consistently stall out.  Don’t worry – you’ll get the hang of it after an hour or two).

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Learn How to Drive a Stick Shift:


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