Movember 14th – Learn How to Resuscitate Someone

Guys.  Today’s skill is truly essential.  It’s so essential that I’m going to suggest that you man up and take a class on it, in addition to the video below.

We’re talking about CPR.  If you come across an accident, nothing is more manly than taking control of the situation and knowing just what do.  Calling 911 is obviously number one, but I think you’ve got that covered.  Somebody’s gotta keep that person stable until the pros come in.  Let’s make that hero you.

There are middle school lifeguards that know how to do this better than most of you men.  Let’s change that, and get that yearly CPR certificate – let’s call it a Man Card.

So on this the 14th Day of Movember, we resolve to go out and get CPR trained.  Like a Man.

Red Cross – How to Perform CPR: