Movember 15th – Learn How to Toast Like a Man

Alright, men.  The holidays are approaching, and besides being the time to give good presents, it’s also the time to give good toasts.  You’ve bumbled through enough terrible toasts that received muffled cheers to know it’s time to step your game up.  You know how you feel when some British or Irish bloke stands up, and in a clear, loud voice delivers a toast with just the right amount of endearment and humor (something like “May you be forty years in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead!”), and everyone rises to their seats and emphatically taps glasses?  You feel like you wish you were that guy.

It’s time to be that guy.  So today, halfway through the holy month of Movember, we raise our glasses and pledge to learn to be a better toastmaster!

Here’s to our moustaches!  May they forever grow long and full, no matter what happens on top of our heads or below our belts!

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Toastmasters – How to Give a Toast: