Movember 16th – Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle

Alright, guys.  Men need to be able to get around.  You learned when you were a teenager, having a car was hugely attractive to the fairer (unlicensed) sex.  And the world is not filled with automatic Prius’s.  As we discussed the other day, some places it’s drive stick or drive home.  In other places, it’s all about motorcycles.  Walk around the streets of Thailand for a day, and from all the broken and bruised arms and knees of farang Aussies, you’ll see first hand evidence of the consequences of not knowing how to ride a motorcycle.

And whether you want to be Tom Cruise in Knight and Day, Indian Jones on his Last Crusade, or any of the other cool, iconic manly men, you’re going to have to start somewhere.  So check out the video, find a friend with a beater bike he’s not afraid to let you drop, or better yet, take one of these cheap classes AND get your license in one easy weekend.

So on this, the 16th Day of Movember, we resolve to watch On Any Sunday, get stoked, and go out and get that stamp of manhood:  a motorcycle license.

How to Ride a Motorcycle: