Movember 17th – Learn How to Fire a Shotgun

Men.  There comes a time in your life when you will befriend another man with a propensity for shooting stuff.  It may be clay pigeons or it may be 10-point bucks.  Either way, turning him down and suggested a round of golf instead is not the way to go.  You will gain more respect from your fellow man if you show good marksmanship with a gun than if you can shoot a 65 on the golf course.

I won’t go on about the other manly aspects of knowing how to shoot a gun, from survival skill to scaring your daughter’s boyfriend to bringing home a year’s worth of venison meat.  We all know we need to know this stuff.

So, men, on this, the 17th Day of Movember, we resolve to read this primer on shotguns, head to our local shooting range, and become the marksman we always wanted to be.

Art of Manliness – Primer on Shotguns

How to Shoot a Shotgun: