Movember 19th – Learn to Get Water From Nature

Alright, guys.  I could have made today’s skill about learning how to camp in the wilderness, but I’m assuming all guys know how to pitch a tent and roll out a sleeping bag. I thought you guys all also knew how to make food and get water when you’re in the back woods, but then I was told of a guy who took his girlfriend out and lugged two gallon water containers so he’d have enough water. Foolish.  Don’t be that guy.

You have water all around you, and today you’re gonna learn how to use it. The days of dipping a cup in a stream and drinking it are gone.  It’s time you learn how to get water from nature.

So today, on this the 19th Day of Movember, we resolve to learn the fine arts of boiling, treating, and filtering water so tht we can go for weeks in the back country and make our own water!

How to Treat Water

Water Filtration and Purification While Backpacking: