Movember 21st – Learn How to Put Out a Fire

Alright, guys.  I was watching a sitcom last night (I refuse to name the show for fear of being called un-manly), and I saw a despicable act of un-manliness unfold.  Guy is cooking dinner for girl (on a series of 6 panini grills – first mistake.  If you’re gonna quick grill, make sure it’s a Foreman Grill), and naturally, a small electrical fire breaks out.  Flames, smoke, the whole deal.  So what does the guy do?  Cowers in the corner with the girl, all hysterical.

This is not what men do.  My girlfriend doesn’t even have a fire extinguisher in her kitchen.  So first step, men:  get a fire extinguisher!  A real man calmly grabs the fire extinguisher, walks over to the little fire, and puts that sucker out.  Doesn’t even blink.

So on this, the 21st Day of Movember, we resolve to get ourselves and our family an extinguisher, watch the video, and be calm in the line of fire!

Dummies Guide – How to Put Out a Kitchen Fire

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher: