Movember 22nd – Make Your Own Apple Cider

Guys.  Today’s Thanksgiving.  Hopefully you’re about to show off your turkey carving skills and watch a little Thanksgiving Day Football.  If you’re a McHenry, however, you’re out in the orchard picking apples to make some apple cider.

As a man, you’re always trying to be a provider.  We’ll talk hunting and fishing later.  Today, it’s simple.  Take apples, turn them into jugs and jugs of the tastiest cider you’ve ever tried.  Bring it to a holiday party, and proudly announce, “I made this!”  Beats a fruit cake.

So, on this the 22nd Day of Movember, let’s resolve to be thankful for being able-bodied men who can make something, like apple cider, or beer, or a swing, or anything.

How Press Apple Cider (by some crafty ladies)

And if you want to turn into something a little “harder”: How to Make Hard Cider

Some videos of me and the family making cider: