Movember 23rd – Learn How to Fish

Alright, guys.  We know that being a provider is a key man trait.  Today, we’re going to learn how to be a provider, how to survive, and how to look cool around our buddies, all in one skill.  That skill is fishing.  Whether you do it for the pride of throwing down a stringer full of fish for dinner, need to survive on a deserted island, or just like sitting in a boat, drinking beers on a Saturday, fishing is an essential man skill.

You may have done a bit of this as a kid, you may go on a deep sea fishing charter every now and then, but chances are, you’re not ready to grab your rod, tackle, and bait and hit the lake and haul in a load of fish.  Let’s get you there.

First thing, get yourself a rod.  Great to have, no matter what.  Tackle and bait, also good, but you can always borrow those.  You really want your own rod.

Next, step – learn a little bit about fishing.  There’s a lot to know, but try to learn the basics.

So on this, the 23rd Day of Movember, we resolve to get ourselves a rod and some tackle, a cooler with a six-pack of Pabst, and to go out and become the self-reliant fisherman we always wanted to be.  From now on, the answer to the question, “Hey, you wanna go fishing with a couple of us guys today?” is:  “Yes, yes I do.”

Fishing Noob – Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

Informative Fisherman – Beginner Introduction to Fishing: