Movember 26th – Learn How to Change Your Car’s Oil

Guys, today let’s talk about another one of those uneasy un-manly moments some of us face:  going to get your oil changed.  This is that twice or thrice a year time when you have to go mano-a-mano with a man who knows a lot more about your car than you do.  As he explains how your air filter is dirty and you need a new serpentine belt, you try to ramble off something comprehensible about how you had been meaning to work on that, but why doesn’t he just fix it for you right now.

For these guys, this stuff is child’s play.  And it should be for you, too.  So our first lesson in knowing the tiniest bit about that piece of machinery we drive around every day, is to figure out how to change its oil ourselves.  Even if you don’t do it yourself every time, at least you can finally have a clue when you taker her in, and you can avoid that un-manly feeling of being clueless.

So men, on this the 26th Day of Movember, we resolve to take a peed under the hood, crawl under the chasis, and get up close and personal with the stuff that keeps our engines running!

How to Change Car Oil

Eric the Car Guy – How to Change Your Oil: