Movember 27th – Learn How to Grow Food

Alright, guys.  Today we’re gonna talk about growing food.  This isn’t gardening.  There are no aprons involved.  We aren’t trimming rose bushes.  We’re putting plants in the ground, taking care of them, and harvest their bounty a few months later.

Real men don’t need gardeners or landscapers to take care of their yard.  They know how to do it themselves.  And it’s easy.  We’re going to start with tomatoes because the principles can be used for any type of plant.  And because when we’re grilling up some burgers on our barbeque (with charcoal!), nothing impresses our man friends more than having some red ripe tomatoes we picked from our backyard.

So today, the 27th Day of Movember, we resolve to head to Home Depot, pick up some tomatoes, read this article, and get started growing our own food!

How to Plant Tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes: