Movember 29th – Learn How to Give Back

Guys.  It’s getting down to the last stretch of Movember, and we here at Essential Man Skills are beginning to become introspective about what it all means.  We’ve bonded over our mutual striving to be more capable men.  We’ve bonded over our journey from awkward, scraggly upper lips to full-bodied man-staches.  And now it is time to bond over giving back to the cause that brought us together:  Movember.

What started as moustache growing contest between Aussie surf gentlemen is now the biggest single private donation to prostate cancer research.  It’s all about funding and awareness.  We’ll talk awareness tomorrow, but today, earn yourself some good karma and donate to Movember.  1 in 6 men will get prostate cancer.  Statistically, that’s going to be you or your father or your Uncle or your brother.  Wouldn’t you like to know we’re closer to making it curable?

So today, on the 29th Day of Movember, we resolve to throw some cash in the kitty, help our cancer karma, and give back so that our sons can be healthier than their fathers.

Donate to Movember!

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