Movember 30th – Learn How to Check Your Balls

Guys.  You’ve made it.  You went from people mocking your dirty attempt at a ‘stache, to proudly wearing that caterpillar of manliness on your upper lip.  And along the way, you’ve learned a lot of stuff to make you a capable man.  You’ve stopped checking your balls at the door, so now it’s time to start checking your balls…for cancer.

All this has been fun, we’ve bonded, but in the end, it’s about one thing:  helping fight man cancer.

So today, on this the last day of Movember, we resolve to learn a thing or two about our things.  So saddle up, check out the articles below, and start having that conversation with your doctor.

Prostate:  learn about what a PSA test and how it can save your life.

Testicles:  learn about how to check yourself for lumps…on your lumps.  Testicular cancer is what gets you in your 30s and younger.  This is a young guys’ disease.

Get smart.  Get educated.  There’s nothing manly about dying when you could prevent it.  Consider this a survival skill.

In case you need a video visual (WARNING:  contains real, live balls):