Movember 3rd – Learn How to Make a Fire

Alright, guys.

Cave men could figure this out, so if you don’t know how to make a fire, today is the day.

We make fires all the time, and nothing says man quite like being the guy who takes control and provides warmth while everyone stands around, envying your efficiency.  Whether it’s at a beach bonfire, getting that fireplace roaring at a ski cabin, or making an emergency fire when your day hike turns into an overnighter, making fire is core to being a man.

Throw away all those starter logs, lighter fluid, and other cheats.  Real men use the basics:  tinder, kindling, and logs.

So as men, our resolution on Day 3 of Movember is to read this article gather some bark, twigs, and branches and get that fire roaring!

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Wilderness Survival – How to Make a Fire

Expert Village – How to Make a Fire:



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