Movember 4th – Learn How to BBQ…with Charcoal…Like a Man

Alright, guys.  It’s Sunday.  You may have some of your MoBros coming over to watch the game and you’re going to want to fire up the grille.

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a circle of men watch you flail as you try for 15 minutes to light some terrible lighter-fluid-soaked briquets.  You think to yourself, “Damn!  I should have just gotten a propane grille.”

NO!  Real men use charcoal.  And they don’t use those manufactured-looking briquets.  They use lump coal.  It’s the stuff that actually looks like wood.  And they don’t use lighter fluid.

So as men, we resolve on this the 4th Day of Movember, to read the article below, throw out the lighter fluid and briquets, and start grilling like a confident man!

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Taste of BBQ – Charcoal Grill Tips


BBQ Pit Boys Grilling Tips:


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