Movember 5th – Learn How to Replace a Light Switch

Men.  Let’s be honest.  Other men are always judging our manliness.  You know the feeling.  When you take your car into the shop and the mechanic talks to you like a child because you don’t even know what a rotor is.

It’s also that feeling you get when you have to call an electrician for something that takes him 10 minutes to fix.  So today, we’re going to stop that and wipe that smug look off the electricians face.

We’ve already written about the importance of learning basic wiring, but today we’ll get specific:  let’s just replace a damn light switch.  This is simple and it takes less than 10 minutes.

So men, on this the 5th day of Movember, we will grab a screw driver, take that face plate off the light switch, and watch the video below so that we never need to call an electrician for this again.

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Dummies Guide – How to Replace a Light Switch

Home Depot – Replacing Switches: