Movember 8th – Learn How to Fix Your Toilet

Alright, guys.  Fixing a toilet is something that will earn you big points with the ladies.  They hate to go near that thing.  And toilets are easy.  You spent hours playing Super Mario as a kid, so you’re kind of half way there.

First things first:  get a plunger.  Not this kind.  This kind.  If you don’t have a plunger, you’re not a man.  Having a plunger says, I fix things.  I don’t call the plumber for a clogged toilet.  That creates another one of those embarrassing moments we talked about, where you call someone and they fix it in 10 minutes.  You’ll never grow whiskers that way.

Then, check out this video.  It’s got everything you need.

If nothing else, take a look by your toilet and under your sink and check out that knob attached to the pipe.

That shuts off the water.  If you didn’t know that, give it a 90 degree turn and try to turn on the faucet.  So next time water is flying all over the place and your girlfriend is shrieking that the house is going to flood, walk calmly over, bend down, and turn it.  Presto.

Faucet Shut Off Knob Photo









So on this the 8th Day of Movember, we resolve to buy a plunger, watch the video, and never call a plumber for a leaky toilet again.

Home Depot – How to Repair a Toilet: