Movember 9th – Learn How to Stop Bleeding

Alright, guys.  Today we’re going to get a little more serious.  Sometimes when we’re doing manly stuff with our MoBros, things go wrong.  A tree fells the wrong way, a shark attacks, a nail gun goes haywire, or your dry shave doesn’t work out so well.  And then we start bleeding.

Real men know how to stop someone from bleeding.  At least until you can get some pros in there.  This is not a time to do-it-yourself, but you can do a lot to help before those guys arrive.  Two words:  direct pressure.

So today, on this the 9th Day of Movember, we pledge to read this article, then read it again, and to feel more confident in the face of blood.

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Daily Survival – How to Stop Bleeding

How to Stop Bleeding: